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Autumn 2

Week ending 11.12.20

Please complete any remaining tasks by Tuesday 5th January.

Maths homework from Mathletics Length, Perimeter and Area booklet:

Week 1: 31-32

Week 2: 18-19

Week 3: 26-27

Week 4: 17 and 25

All to be handed in on Tuesday 5th January.


Week ending 4.12.20

Class 14: please complete any remaining tasks by Monday 7th December


Week beginning: 30.11.20


Class 14: measures conversion sheet due Tuesday 1st December.


Recap of topics covered this term so far. You have been reassigned tasks where you have scored <80%. This is to allow you the chance to revise these topics and master each skill. You can do it! Don't worry if you have quite a few, you will have opportunities in school this week to work on them as well as the expectation to complete them at home. If you are stuck, please ask and I'll happily show you again :) 


Week beginning: 2.11.20

Fraction work:

* Fractions greater than 1

* Equivalent fractions

* Converting improper and mixed number fractions

* Adding and subtracting proper and mixed number fractions with the same denominator 


Week beginning: 9.11.20

Fraction work:

* Adding and subtracting proper fractions with different denominators.

* Adding and subtracting mixed number fractions with different denominators.

SATs Arithmetic Book - pg 26 and 27.


Week beginning: 16.11.20

* Fractions to decimals. 

* Decimals to fractions.

* Decimals on a number line.

* Adding and subtracting decimals.




Week beginning: 23.11.20

Class 14: SATs Arithmetic Book - pg 26 and 27.


Week beginning: 30.11.20


Week beginning: 7.12.20


Week beginning: 14.12.20