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Mr Steee French 9

Mr Steee is joined by helpers to learn the French for pencil case objects.

mr steee french 8

After the excitement of featuring in The Guardian, Mr Steee heads out on an adventure using the phrase "Je vais" or I go / I am going. With an overload of new special effects!

Mr Steee French 7

Nourriture - Food How do you say common types of food and drink in French? Find out with Mr Steee

Mr Steee French 6

Learn to say the names of kitchen implements in French!

Use these labels to help you learn French kitchen object names!

Mr Steee french 5

Find out how to say the different rooms in your home in French.

Mr Steee french 4

How to say members of your family in French

Mr Steee French 3

Where we learn to say in French: 1. where you live. 2. The countries of Europe. 3. Some of the towns in France 4. Points of the compass. Music kindly provide...

Mr Steee french 2

Work on your numbers 1-20, with a couple of games to play, and how to ask someone's age! Extra video song link is: Please share and stay ...

Mr Steee French video 1

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