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Grammar and Punctuation Week 1


There are four types of noun:

· Common nouns: are the names of things or feelings.

· Proper nouns: always begin with a capital letter. They are ‘special’ names that identify a specific place, person, day of the week or month of the year.

· Collective nouns: refer to a group of things.

· Abstract nouns: refer to non-concrete things such as ‘happiness’ or ‘idea’.


Singular and Plural Nouns

Most nouns add ‘s’ or ‘es’ to indicate more than one.

Words ending in ‘y’ drop the ‘y’ for an ‘i’ and add 'es'.

Some words ending in ‘f’ drop the ‘f’ and add ‘ves’.

Other nouns form the plural irregularly, e.g. man-men, child-children.