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Grammar and Punctuation Week 2


New nouns can be made by combining two nouns together. If we put ‘sand’ and ‘castle’ together, we make the compound noun ‘sandcastle’. Each part of the word is spelled the same as when it was a separate word.

Adding suffixes to words can also create nouns. If we add ‘ness’ to some words we can make new abstract nouns. So ‘weak’ and ‘ness’ make the abstract noun ‘weakness’.

Adding the suffix ‘er’ to some words can make new nouns too. ‘Paint’ and ‘er’ makes the noun ‘painter’. The spelling of the root word (paint) has not changed. If you add ‘er’ to a word ending in ‘e’, such as ride, you need to drop the final ‘e’ before

adding ‘er’, in this case making ‘rider’.