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Happy Half Term!

Dear children and your families,

It's your holiday! Whoop, whoop!

For those of you who have been regularly using this site to do lots of home schooling - thank you, but now you can give yourselves a break. wink

We hope the weather is good for you this week and you can get yourselves out and about a bit.

There has been some lovely sunshine, but oh the wind yesterday (Friday).

I popped out of my front door to put some rubbish in the bin and my dress flew up to my neck. surprise

How very embarrassing. It was fairly early in the day and the avenue was quiet. I think (or at least hope) that I got away with it.

So, here's to fewer ghastly gusts and more super sunshine.


Mrs Styles and I will update the 'Weekly Tasks' page before Monday 1st June.

Between now and then we wish you fun, sun and happiness.

Sending our love as always, 

Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Styles. xx