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Hello again!

Hello to you all once again.

How are you doing? Are you managing to complete the tasks Mrs Styles and I are posting?

We hope you are well and able to work through our activities.


We'd love to share some news with you. A bit of juicy gossip, a funny tale...but nothing's happening. We've got no chat. The only thing I can think to share is that I was supposed to attend a staff meeting via ZOOM on Monday. Totally forgot about it. I was out in my front garden trimming the hedges. surprise Bad Mrs Hewitt! 


We hope that you are keeping your sense of humour during this period of time and we would like to thank you all for the efforts you are making to continue learning and achieving at home. yes

We'll check in with a new message next week. Hopefully we'll have a bit of banter by then.

Sending our love to each and every one of you,

Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Styles heart xx