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Over the next few weeks, work your way through this booklet and the different activities...

*The booklet asks you to make a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital - please do not feel that you need to do this.

Remember to read regularly...

  • Visit the 'Reading' section - there are lots of lovely stories and activities here!
  • Share books with your family.
  • Read everything around you - posters, recipes, signs etc.
  • Visit the 'Reading' section and then 'Reading Activities' - try to complete one or two activities a week.

Write as often as you can...

  • Practise your handwriting - visit the 'Writing' section to see our handwriting families.

  • Use a capital letter for the names of people and places - write a list of your favourite people/places.

  • Practise writing sentences - always remember to begin your sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Don't forget finger spaces too!

  • Write a letter to a friend or family member.

  • Visit the 'Writing' section - complete some of the creative writing tasks.

Keep practising your spelling skills...

  • Log in to Spellodrome - we have added some spelling lists for you to practise.
  • Visit the 'Phonics' section to play lots of fun spelling games.
  • Look back at the 'Weekly Spellings' - practise any words that you found difficult.

Don't forget about Phonics...

  • Explore the 'Phonics' section - there are lots of fun games and activities here!
  • Practise reading all of the sounds on the sound mats.
  • Complete some of the tasks in the Phonics Activity Booklets.