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Remember to read regularly...

* Visit the 'Reading' folder. There's a copy of First News for you to read. There's also a Four Stories comprehension task linked to the newspaper stories.

* There are a variety of differentiated reading comprehension activities to choose from. One star is the easiest and three stars the trickiest - challenge yourself with the hardest you can mange.

Try to complete at least one a week.

* Share books with your family.

* Read everything around you - posters, recipes, signs etc.


Write as often as you can...

* Practise your handwriting. I've included some handwriting worksheets in the 'Writing' folder. You don't need to work on the sheet if you don't have a printer - just carefully copy the words onto any paper.

* Write for fun - keep a diary, write stories, write a letter o a postcard to a family member of friend.

* Visit the 'Writing' section to find a new Talk for Writing booklet. The theme this time is Unicorns, enjoy getting creative with the ideas there. The booklet asks you to donate to a charity if you're going to use it, but please don't feel you have to - we just can't edit out that page.

* You'll find 3 more series of 5 literacy lessons, each with a different theme. Complete one of these a day and it'll take you up to the end of term!


Keep up with your spellings...

* Continue to learn from the overview for the Summer term in the 'Writing and Grammar' folder. Keep practising in anyway you enjoy.

* Remember to revise words you've already learned.

* Try the words out - aim to include them in any writing you do.