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Maths Passport

Hello Reception parents!


To help you to support the development of your child's basic number skills at home, we have uploaded some information about the Maths Passport achievement system that we use in school. In Reception, children begin by working on the targets in the Europe section of the Passport. Once they have achieved those five targets they move on to Asia and begin developing the skills in that section.


Have a go at some of the suggested activities with your child and let us know when they are confident with any of the target skills. You could even send us a photo or video as evidence. We will be able to mark those targets as achieved on their Maths Passport and they'll be one step closer to receiving their certificate in assembly yes


It's important for your child to continue practising these basic number skills, even once they've achieved them on their Passport. Young children learn best through repetition and they can often forget things if they're not practised often.


Thanks for all your support smiley