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It's Mr Livings.  It's been a long time since I updated you all on how your pea plants have been doing.  Well, look at them now! We'll be eating those peas soon!  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a good photo of the bean plant.  Its flowers have now gone and the beans are beginning to grow where the flowers had been.  Our sunflowers are growing very well, especially John's!!  The radishes look nearly ready to be harvested but sadly my chilli pepper plants haven't survived.  Thanks to Miss Hedley for the seeds anyway.  Mrs Barron has also recently given some of the teachers some tomato plants, so I have planted them and look forward to eating them when they're ready.  I thought you might also like to see that I have some other fruit growing in my back garden.  

I'd love to know what you have been growing.  I wonder how many of you have managed to eat your potatoes, beans or peas that you were given in school.  I know that James has successfully grown his peas as he has recently sent me some photos of them.  Well done James!  Nice to meet your friend Kai the cactus too!


I am now busy in school every day, teaching some of the Year 5s who need to be in school.  We are in a 'pod' called the 'Crocodiles' and we have lots of fun learning together and playing together too.  The lucky Crocodiles are taught by me and Mr Stephenson!!


Hope you are all well, safe and enjoying using the school website to keep on with your learning.


Mr Livings

Plant growing update

A frog in the process of metamorphosing.

Still image for this video
While we were cleaning out their water, so they had clean water, this little friend ended up in our net. What changes have still to occur before he or she is a frog?

A final look at the tadpoles that hatched from frogspawn in March then metamorphosed into frogs by the middle of May.

Welcome to our new Science topic. I hope you really enjoy it. 

I need your help! can you design a science passport cover? Draw your front cover and sent it to the school's email address. Thanks!

The frogs are metamorphosing.

Still image for this video
Look at the tadpoles are developing their legs. Are they using them at the moment? How will they get bigger and stronger?

Have a look at these photos and write down as many ways as you can find that these tadpoles and frogs have adapted to their habitat to survive.

12th May 2020



It's Mr Livings again with another plant growing update.  As you'll see from the photos below, there have been quite a few changes.  As I mentioned last time, I thought that the radishes would soon be ready, so with my son's help we took them out of the soil very carefully to check.  Unfortunately, we didn't find any radishes so we re-planted them.  I'm worried that they won't grow properly though, because I read that they like to grow in quite cool conditions and we have had a lot of sunny days recently. 

My chilli pepper plants had been growing well indoors and were ready to join the radishes outside.  You can see that they are doing well in the pot they're sharing.

Your peas and beans are growing very well.  They needed much more soil so I re-potted them in this much deeper pot.  They're attaching themselves to the support on the wall and this will help them to stay stable as they grow.  They're much taller in this photo than the last one!

Finally, the sunflower seeds I sowed with my family are continuing to grow, although I think eventually they'll need deeper soil than they currently have if they're to reach a decent height.  We are making sure all the plants get plenty of sun and regular water too.

How are your plants doing?  Have you managed to eat any food they've produced yet?  Are you taking photos of them or keeping a diary?

Hello, it's Mr Livings again with a plant growing update!


As you can see, the pea plants from school have continued to grow very well and if you look carefully you can see that they are attaching themselves to the sticks in each pot.  This is to give them greater stability.  I have removed each plant and added a lot more soil to each pot, then replanted each one so that they can continue to grow.  Before long they'll need something bigger to grow in!  I measured the longest looking one and it is now at 30 cm in height!


The seeds from Miss Hedley have all grown at different rates.  This is what we expected as the instructions had told us that.  My daughter's micro cress grew the quickest and she has already eaten them, adding them to an egg sandwich!  We'll see if any more grow from the pot!  My son's radishes are growing well as you can see in the photo.  Soon they'll be ready to harvest, clean up and eat!  My chilli peppers have only just popped through the soil today, as you can see.  I'd nearly given up hope!  They take longer to grow so we'll see how they progress.


Our sunflower seeds are coming along very well. (Well, three out of four are anyway!)  I have taken the seedlings out, then added deeper soil, then put the seedlings back in.  John chose a chunky looking seed and his seems to have produced two plants - a bit like twins!  His was the first to pop through the surface, followed closely by mine and Sophie's.  We're not sure what has happened to Mrs Livings's seed!


How are your plants doing?  Have you kept track of their measurements as they are growing?  What changes have you noticed?  Have you needed to re-pot any of them or plant them in the ground?  Have you started to grow anything else besides the plants you'd started in school?

Tadpole update week 4 The biggest tadpoles are 2.5cm long but hopefully you can see that the eyes are developing and also the body shape is forming into two parts, an abdomen and a head. can you see any other changes? Why do you think there may be smaller tadpoles? What do you think will happen to the smallest tadpoles?



Mr. Livings here!  How are you getting on with growing different foods and plants at home?  Have you been keeping a diary of how the plants are growing and changing? I have the leftover pea plants from Class 12 at home and they have been growing a lot!  You can see the leaves have become much broader and fuller.  The plants are now ready to have stakes (straight sticks) to help them climb and grow much taller.  My son measured the tallest one for me and told me that it is 16cm tall.  We have decided to grow some other food and plants too.  Miss Hedley kindly gave us some seeds to grow radish, chilli peppers and cress.  We got them started yesterday. We are also having a family sunflower growing competition, but no signs of life have popped through yet - we'll need to be patient!  I hope you are having lots of fun planting and growing plants at home too!  Spring is a great time for new life and fresh starts!

Happy Easter!

Growing at home

1.4.20 Tadpole update. The biggest tadpoles are 1.5cm. Draw one of the tadpoles from the latest photos. Note down the differences you can see.

27.3.20 The tadpoles are growing. They are outside and living in their own plastic tub. What dangers do you think they may face at the moment? What precautions should I take? Draw them and start making a diary of their changes. I'll update this each week. they are 1cm long.

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