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Week Beginning 23/11/20

This week, we are learning about TOYS FROM THE PAST.


Lesson 1 - Toys Then and Now


Have a look at this document together...

Look at these toys from the past...



Compare each toy to what they look like nowadays. How are they the same? How are they different? Which toys do you like the best... the old toys or your toys nowadays? Give reasons for your thoughts.


Lesson 2 - What were our parents'/grandparents' toys like?

Have a look at 'The Old Toy Room'...

Talk to your parents - what was their favourite toy when they were young? Ring your grandparents - ask them to tell you about their favourite childhood toy. Think about how toys have changed over time and discuss this with your family. When we are back at school, we will be asking you to tell us about your parents'/grandparents' favourite childhood toy.