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Writing and Grammar

Hello Year 5!

This is Mr Livings.  On this page, there will be a story writing challenge.  On each school day, a new photo will be added.  The story is set in Lego world.  Your job is to write a paragraph per photo describing what has happened.  There will be some familiar faces in this story, but it is up to you to make the story your own.  Just use the photos as a guide to tell the reader what has happened in each new scene.


Happy writing!


Here is your first photo.  It is of a lady going to do her work in a small zoo...

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3 - Uh-oh! What has happened to the zoo worker?

Picture 4 - Meanwhile, outside some visitors are arriving...

Picture 5 - The visitors have found a very worrying scene!

Picture 6

Picture 7 - Hmm, this looks like a crime scene! Picture 8 will appear after the Easter break. Enjoy the holidays!

Picture 8 - Hmm, these characters all seem very happy with themselves...

Picture 9 - At the police station...

Picture 10 - What are the police officers discussing?

Picture 11 - Oh no! Look what has happened to Spider-man!

Picture 12 - Look what they've done to Spider-man!

Picture 13 - Well, they all seem very happy about what's happened. But who's that peeking in through the window?

Picture 14 - Spongebob is talking to his hero friends. What is he telling them? What are they saying? What will they do?

Picture 15 - Describe the scene and write the conversation between these characters

Picture 16 - Hooray! (final picture in the story appears tomorrow!)

Final image - Describe the battle that led to the defeat of these evil characters.