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Yet Another Week Apart

Hello to all of our lovely peeps!

We've been waiting for Boris Johnson's message tonight (Sunday 10th May) before we messaged you again.

Unfortunately, there has been no real change to our current pattern of living.

We continue to wish you well and hope that you are all muddling through.

Mrs Styles has uploaded more Numeracy tasks for you, and I have updated Grammar and Punctuation.

Chit-Chat Update...

I do have bit of news. My avenue organised a 'Safe Social Distance Bingo Night' (Thursday 6-8pm). We ended the evening with the appreciative clap for NHS, followed by the Australian soap opera theme tune 'Neighbours'. It was fab.

Friday was 'Safe Social Distance VE Day Party' (3-7pm). Everyone obeyed the distance rules and it was great fun. What a community spirit! I hope that you have enjoyed something similar in your neighbourhood.

I truly believe that lots of good will evolve from this most unfortunate situation. wink


'Every cloud has a silver lining.'


Wishing you and yours (under the cloud that currently hangs over us) light, life and hope. enlightened

With our very best wishes, love and hugs.

Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Styles. heart xx