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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, 
responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Governing Body's Annual Statement

The Issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body over the last year were:

  • Understanding changes to data and assessment nationally
  • Changes to school Website
  • Changes to School Self Evaluation and Development Planning
  • Parent/ Carer, Pupil and Staff surveys


The impact of the Governing Body on the school was:

  • Governors knowledge of new data and assessment systems enables Governors to provide further support and challenge to school provision
  • Updated school website resulting in improved communication with parents, carers and visitors validated by website statistics.
  • The pupil survey confirmed that children feel safe, enjoy school and the experiences they have in lessons and feel that they are taught well.
  • As a result of Governors clarifying stakeholders views, Governors are very clear about pupils and parent/carer views, supporting school to determine next steps of development.
  • New system in place for self-evaluation and development planning, has allowed stakeholder views to be used as part of the self-evaluation

Structure of the Governing Body and Committees

The Chair of the Governing Body is Mr M Young and the Vice Chair of the Governing Body is Ms F Swindell


The Governing Body’s structure and membership is outlined in the table below and within that structure it has the following committees:


Committee Name of Chair
Staffing & Finance Ms F Swindell
Curriculum & Pupil Outcomes  
Building, Premises, Health & Safety Mr R Sword
Headteacher Performance Management Mr M Young


Governor Category

Appointed by

or Elected

Start Date Expiry date Date Stepped Down

Governance role in 

other Educational Establishment

Susanna Buckley Staff Appointed 03/10/2016 02/10/2020 N/A No
Sarah Campbell Headteacher Ex-officio by virtue as Headteacher     N/A No
Terry Furlong Associate Member   03/10/2016 02/10/2020 N/N No
Barbara Herring Co-opted Appointed 08/02/2016 07/02/2020 N/A No
Richard Stephenson Staff Elected 10/10/2016 09/10/2020 N/A No
Fiona Swindell Local Authority Appointed 13/10/2014 12/10/2018 N/A No
Byron Weites Parent Elected 21/10/2016 20/10/2020 N/A No
Ingrid Whitworth Parent Elected 21/10/2016 20/10/2020 N/A No
Michael Young Co-opted Appointed 09/02/2015 08/02/2019 N/A No



Governor Any personal relationships with staff members in school or within the governance structure

Business & Pecuniary Interests

Indirect Interests Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings Attendance at Committee Meetings
Susanna Buckley No No Staff 5/6  
Sarah Campbell No No Staff 6/6  
Terry Furlong No No Staff 6/6  
Barbara Herring No No No 4/6  
Richard Stephenson No No Staff 6/6  
Fiona Swindell No No No 6/6  
Byron Weites No No No 4/6  
Ingrid Whitworth No No No 6/6  
Michael Young Yes No No 6/6