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At Spring Gardens we work in partnership with North Tyneside Music Education Hub (NTMEH).

NTMEH provide a range of support for schools including opportunities for children to perform at Whitley Bay playhouse and the Victorian market.  They support various school collaborative events, for example last year Y5 children took part in the snappy opera project and played ukulele as part of Big Band and some of our Y3 children took part in a recorder playing day.

There are many free activities that your children can access through the NTMEH which will encourage and develop their instrumental playing – bands, orchestras, recorder club, ukulele ensembles and North Tyneside steel pan band are some examples.  These usually take place at the Langdale Centre in Wallsend, at QA college or at other local schools.

Follow the link to look on the website for activities that your child would like to access.