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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.



Mrs Sarah Campbell, BSc(Hons), M Ed, PGCE, NPQH


  Deputy Headteacher and SENCO  

Mrs Kate Wankowicz

Teaching Staff    

Mrs N Laidlaw





Mrs K Dexter



Miss R Duffy

Year 1    


Miss D Hedley


Mrs F Guy  
Year 2    


Mrs C Styles


Mrs P Hewitt  
Year 3    


Miss R Littlefield





Mrs L Statham


Year 4    

Miss H Mills


Miss A Chambers

Year 5    


Mrs L Barron  

Mrs D Burton


Mrs K Wankowicz

Year 6    

Mrs J Meadows


Mrs A Campbell


Mr R Stephenson





Non teaching staff    
Business Manager



Ms T Furlong





Administrative Assistants



Mrs Taylor


Miss R Toner


Care Guidance and Support lead



Mrs F Royle


Teaching Assistants



Mrs J Keady (HLTA)


Mrs A Young (HLTA)


Mrs V Forbes


Mrs R Steele


Mrs J Dyers




Mrs R Uddin


Mrs S Buckley


Mrs L Heslop


Mr G Chandler


Miss C Webley






Mrs E Little





Mrs V Ridley

Mrs D Loxton  
Mrs H Hoving  
Mrs K Henderson  

Site Manager



Mr C Armstrong


Cook Supervisor

Mrs T Bowie


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Wilson


Lunchtime Supervisors









Mrs E Crane

Miss R Hughes

Mrs L Little

Mrs S Darby

Ms J Grieves

Ms S Olldashi

Miss K Batson

Miss B Cowen

Mrs B Longstaff

Mrs S Maitland

Mrs L Roper

Ms C Rutter

Mrs S Darby

   Cleaning Staff


Ms L Davison

Miss L Patton

Mr J Bewick