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This week we are continuing our focus on fractions.



Consolidate what you did last week, by finding equivalent fractions.

Remember, equivalent means that they have the same value.

Use the pie shapes to help you write these equivalent fractions in your arithmetic book. Look at the numerators and denominators each time. Remember, whatever you multiply the numerator by, you must also do the same to the denominator.



Now, do a quick recap on simplifying fractions. Remember, you are trying to find the Highest Common Factor of both the numerator and denominator (i.e. can you find a number which goes into the numerator and goes into the denominator?)





Converting Mixed Number Fractions to Improper Fractions

Listen to the song. I think you've heard it before. It makes me laugh every time, because it's so bad! But it does its job, in helping you remember how to convert to improper fractions.

Convert Mixed Number Fractions to Improper Fractions

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Steps 2 Success for converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

Now have a go at these questions, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. I've provided the answers too, so you can see how you got on.


Today we're going to do the opposite of yesterday! Today, we're going to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. This is something you did earlier in the year, but it's good revision.


Have a go at these questions in your arithmetic book. Once you've completed them, then look at the answers and see how you got on.


Today we are going to find a fraction of a number.


Now use what you were practising yesterday to solve these problems. They can all be solved using the crossover or double crossover method.