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Here's a bit of multiplication (long and short)  and division (bus stop method) practise! Work out the calculations to crack the code. I've given you the answers too, but don't be tempted to cheat! wink


We are following on our theme of multiplication and division.

But this time, you get to be the teacher and mark somebody else's work! Have a go, then check the answer document to see how you got on. Good luck!



Here's a multiplication challenge for you! By the end of this, you'll be an expert at short multiplication! wink


Multiplication Hunt

You have the digits  3  4  5  6

You need to arrange them into a multiplication question like this  HTU x U

For example, you could make 346 x 5 = ?  In each question, you MUST use each digit once. Work out the answers using short multiplication (not a calculator!)


Make a list of all the different answers (products) you can make. Do this in your arithmetic book. How many can you find? How do you know that you have found them all? Can you work systematically? Why not send in your answers to the Blog, so I can see how you've done!

                                            Good luck! Mrs B x



Play this game with someone in your house. It's a fun way to practise those times tables!

(Keep your number cards for tomorrow!)


Multiplying 3 numbers together

e.g. 5 x 3 x 10

Many of you found this quite tricky to do, so I thought it'd be good to practise it some more! Do the activity in your arithmetic book.