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Hello everyone!


We will do our very best to provide an engaging home learning experience for your child, similar to what we would be doing in school. We appreciate that homeschooling can be challenging, especially if you are working from home. We will try to make sure that the activities are as easy as possible for you to deliver at home.


Each day we will will upload activities for your child to do at home. You will find them in the folder below named 'This Week'. 


We will also be sharing some learning via the Class Dojo app. 


It is a Government expectation that all children engage with home/school learning. You can share your child's work with us via the class Dojo app by uploading photos, comments and videos so that we can see what they've been getting up to at home.


If any of you need support using the Class Dojo app, please contact us via the school office - 0191 300 9750.


Young children learn best through play. Much of their day at school is spent playing and exploring with a range of toys and resources. At this age, their attention spans are often limited, so teaching activities in school are short, practical and spread out through the day. It is best if you try to follow a similar routine at home.


Thank you for your support,

We're here to help smiley

Mrs Dexter and Miss Duffy


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