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Again - we will continue to look at ALGEBRA this week. Don't worry...if you are not sure, you can check with me or just try to do what you can yes


Focus: to balance equations

Watch the video. You will need to be logged in to Espresso. You have the login details on the card with your NTLP login details.


Balance these equations so that the numbers on both sides of the equal symbol are the same. Write the answers in your arithmetic book.


Can you solve these problems?

Here is the key...

Problem 1                                       Problem 2





Focus: to solve equations with one unknown

Quick task! Show four different ways to balance the scales. Choose a different operation for each scale.

Watch the videos below.




Choose 10 equations to complete in your arithmetic book...

Complete the Mathletics task that has been assigned to you.

The video below reinforces the work you have done today. This goes into further detail so I would really recommend that you watch it! 

Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 1 - Math Antics


Focus: to solve equations with one and two unknowns.


Complete the online tasks below:

One unknown...


Two unknowns...


Focus: to solve equations with more than one operation.

Watch the video below



Complete the online task.


Focus: to enumerate (list) possibilities of combinations of 2 variables.


Complete this task in your arithmetic book.