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I am going to use this page to share some of the lovely work you have been doing at home. Please have a look to see what other children have done; it might even give you some inspiration for your own work. 

Mrs M smiley

The Cave of Curiosity...


Setting descriptions...

The Magical Door...

History - World War 2 work...

More excellent work from Olivia and Tanay! I really enjoy seeing what you come up with. I particularly like the way you have incorporated photographs into your work, which really brings it to life and makes the reader feel connected.

Well done Ben, Tanay and Olivia - fantastic history work! smiley


Loving your art, Tanay! Really impressive! And thank you everyone who has shared their timelines and factfiles. Olivia, you've taught me lots about Winston Churchill! Mrs B yes


The Lighthouse - Newspaper report

The Lighthouse - diary entry

Harry Potter - Your Howlers

They're looking fab!   Mrs Barron x

Harry Potter - The Sorting Hat

Other Harry Potter work...

Thank you for sharing your art work and descriptions. It's lovely to see them! Mrs B xx

Goodnight poem

Other work that you have been doing at home.

Ben Nicholson has been doing lots of research about St Mary's Lighthouse  🌟  He has found out all about its history. Enjoy reading his work.