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I want you to investigate the different roles women played during the Second World War. See what you can find out.

You can choose how to present your findings, for e.g. as a poster, fact file, etc. It would be brilliant to see your ideas, so send in your finished work to the Y6 work page if possible.




Today you are going to be Photo Detectives! 


You are going to look at a selection of WW2 propaganda posters, aimed at recruiting women into doing very important jobs for the war effort. There are questions alongside each poster, to focus your thoughts and ideas. Either, discuss the questions with a grown up in your house, sharing your thoughts and ideas with each other; or, think about the questions yourself and write down your responses on paper. 


Propaganda Posters


Last year, in Y5, you created a propaganda poster, encouraging men to enlist in WW1.

Today, I want you to be creative and artistic and create another propaganda poster, but this time encouraging women to take on new jobs during WW2.

Use the information you have researched already about women's roles in WW2 and look at the posters from yesterday to give you some ideas.