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Remember to keep reading regularly!. There are some links in the Reading Folder on our page which will allow you to read online books if you have ran out of something to read!

Remember...there are also stories to listen to through BBC Schools...


I have added 'First News' to the Reading Folder on the Year 6 page. Throughout the week, I would like you to read and enjoy the articles, whilst keeping up to date with what is happening in the world today.

Today's task is to read the chosen articles and complete the comprehension questions please. You can record the answers in your grammar book. (There are two comprehensions but they are the both the same questions).

Click on the Newspaper article to take you to the page!


Complete the First News puzzle and quiz for today's task. 

Click on the Newspaper to take you there!

Wednesday (3 days)

There are three activities to be completed over the next 3 days.

Task 1 - writing your own poem

Task 2 - creative drawing task

Task 3 - listen to and appraise two versions of the same poem.

The first task, writing a poem, is the longer task and I would like you to spend some time on this please. Follow the instructions on the sheet and the structure you have been given to ensure your poem is well thought out. Try to play around with the words until you feel your poem creates the right imagery in the reader's minds eye. Include lots of expanded noun phrases (nouns and adjectives) and can you include any metaphors or similes? Make sure you include time to edit and improve your work so that your final piece is the best it can be.

Task 1 - I have included a Google Form for you to write your poem on and then submit it to me please. Alternatively, you can write your poem onto paper and take a photograph of it and then email it to me. I am really looking forward to reading your own versions of the poem.

Task 2 - take a photo of your design and send it to me.

Task 3 - record your responses to the questions in your grammar book and practise performing the poem yourself!

I have added an example that some children have written so that you have an idea of what you need to do. Lily added pictures to hers.
Task 1 Resources...

The Magic Box - Kit Wright

Write your poem here!

Task 3 Resources...

(5 on the sheet)

The Door - Miroslav Holub

BBC Two version