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Week 12: The tadpoles are metamorphosing...

Still image for this video
Look at the tadpoles are developing their legs. Are they using them at the moment? How will they get bigger and stronger?

How have the tadpoles and frogs adapted to their habitat?

I need your help! can you design a science passport cover? Draw your front cover and sent it to the school's email address. Thanks!

Chicken photos. How do my chickens compare to dinosaurs. Make a list of the inherited features. Makes drawings of chickens and a similar dinosaur. Label the inherited features!

How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds?

Watch this video and then compare the dinosaurs to my chicken photos. What features of dinosaurs do you think my chickens have inherited?

Use your knowledge of your year 6 classmates to identify these baby photos! Good luck! Mr Steee

Science experiment 1 to try at home.

Incredible Animation Shows How Humans Evolved From Early Life

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