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Mr Steee 13

Mr Steee visits Le Zoo-Parc de Beauval on the last day of his holiday.

Mr Steee French 12

It's time for THE BIG MATCH! See where M. Steee ends up. Guest commentary provided by Jean-Pierre-Frank LaCatouche! Don't forget to check out ...

Mr Steee French 11

Mr Steee sets off on his holidays "Les Vacances" to France. This first episode features the trip over from Portsmouth to St Malo. Remember vocab sheets are a...

Mr Steee French 10

Join Mr Steee as he takes a bike ride. Vocabulary sheets can be found at

Mr Steee French 9

Mr Steee is joined by helpers to learn the French for pencil case objects.

Mr Steee french 8

After the excitement of featuring in The Guardian, Mr Steee heads out on an adventure using the phrase "Je vais" or I go / I am going. With an overload of new special effects!

Mr Steee French 7

Nourriture - Food How do you say common types of food and drink in French? Find out with Mr Steee

Mr Steee French 6

Learn to say the names of kitchen implements in French!

Print these out to help you learn the different names for kitchen objects in Mr Steee French 6

Mr Steee french 5

find out how to say in French the different rooms in your house.

Mr Steee french 4

Families in French

Mr Steee French 3

Where we learn to say in French: 1. where you live. 2. The countries of Europe. 3. Some of the towns in France 4. Points of the compass. Music kindly provide...

Mr Steee French 2

Work on your numbers 1-20, with a couple of games to play, and how to ask someone's age! Extra video song link is: Please share and stay ...

Mr Steee French video 1

Key Stage 2 French - beginners... Covering Hello See you soon Good bye How are you? and simple responses

Dutch fans in France, supporting their team... this one is for Miles!

Not strictly French but these are Dutch fans during the Women's World Cup 2019. Held in France, the Dutch played in Valenciennes, near Lens, and were an amazing sight to see!