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What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is simply... noticing what is happening right now.


Mindfulness is taking notice of how your body feels and what you see, smell and taste. Maybe you even feel emotions in your body, perhaps through a tightness somewhere, or a good feeling.


Mindfulness is also noticing what your mind is doing.


When you notice what is happening around you, you focus more deeply, and that attention to your own senses will help you improve in different areas of your life.


Improved focus can help you achieve at higher levels in sports, school or music. It will help you score higher on tests too. We always do better when we’re able to pay attention to what we’re doing, right?


But there’s more…


When you notice what is happening around you, it can help you to calm down when you’re sad, angry or frustrated. Mindfulness helps you deal with tough emotions, and mindfulness can make you happy and feel good.